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You've got questions, we've got answers!

  • What products do you use?
    We are proud to use an array of products from a few different trusted sources. We are slowly integrating products that are plant derived with recipes that we've created using citrus, peroxide, white vinegar, and oil pressing. Until that is achieved in it's fullness we are using the following products: Baking Soda Pressurized Steam Thieves Cleaner Kids N' Pets Carpet Clean Whip It Diluted White Vinegar Lemon Vinegar Mix Spray Way Additional products available upon request.
  • Are Your Products EPA Certified
    Our favorite products are the only plant-based products on the market that are EPA certified. Which means that that they can be used in cleaning hospitals and schools. Not all of the products that we use fall into this category. However; these products are available for use upon request.
  • What is your hourly rate?
    We offer cleanings by quote basis only. You will have 1-2 staff members in your home.
  • Should I clean my home before you come?
    We ask that the house be picked up so that we can give attention to the things you don't want to clean. Our goal is to tick off the boxes of the things that evade the typical day-to-day cleaning. We will not be removing large amounts of trash or clutter. Unless previously discussed, we will not be re-organizing, clearing paper piles, or laundering clothes. These are ala-carte items that will need to be agreed upon at the time of the quote proposal. Changes to the quote proposal must be made 48 hours prior to time of service.
  • What staff will be in my home?
    All of our staff have passed a background check. You will receive a detailed email within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment to verify the appointment and show you which of our staff will be serving in your home.
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay through your client portal upfront at booking, or by the invoice sent after the service has concluded. If you would like to tip your cleaner we encourage you to do so by a cash tip, separate from the payment. We also utilize venmo & cashapp as a payment option until our point of sale system arrives. While we can accept cash payments for services, we prefer to process all payments electronically.

Billing & Pricing

Quote based to best fit your needs and budget. 2 hour minimum service, ala-cart items can be added on for an additional price. 

Payments Accepted

Our preference is that payment be received electronically through the client portal or through the invoice. You may also pay via cash exchange apps until our point of sale system arrives. Cash tips are accepted but should be separate from the payment. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received no later than 72 hours before scheduled service. Any cancellation that happens after the 72-hour mark will be billed a $50 flat rate. Our system will not allow you to book further services without a $0 balance on the account.

Rescheduled appointments should be notified no later than 48 hours before scheduled service and will not incur an additional fee. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our products and our work ethic. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any complaints should be reported to the office manager who will first move to rectify the situation. 

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