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We often hear about how hard it is to clean with non-toxic products, while also enjoying the stunned look on our clients when they see how well we clean with these products. You don't have to use heavy chemicals to remove dirt and grime. All you need is a simple cleaner and some good elbow grease. Over the last two years, we have had a lot of trial and error to find what works best for our clientele. We understand that in this non-toxic niche, there are plenty of cleaning predators that will greenwash their products to appear non-toxic. We strive to find the best products that do not greenwash and when we feel uneasy about a product line we immediately discontinue use. That being said; here are some of our favorite products that we utilize.

Force of nature is the all-inclusive answer to a natural non-toxic cleaner that is available to use on every surface of your home. It's EPA registered, the safest most effective cleaner and sanitizer. It removes the need for multiple cleaners. We use it to disinfect, descale, and clean.

Think of an eraser with magic properties- minus the chemicals in the name brand! We spray down the area with distilled vinegar and use the melamine sponge with some good 'ole elbow grease!

Just like with the Melamine Sponge, all that's needed is a quick spray of Force of Nature, a pumice stone, and elbow grease.

Campanelli's is a non-toxic all-purpose cleaning paste. We use it to clean stainless steel, copper & aluminum cookware tile, chrome, linoleum, porcelain, glass, & more. This is wonderful for bathtubs, stove tops and sinks.

Vinegar is our all-time favorite cleaner. It's simple, its easy, and sometimes we will add lemon oil to help spruce it up and leave your home smelling clean. Vinegar seriously cuts grime and grease and if done right, does not leave streaking.

What we love is the power of steam. We use pressurized steam to push out gunk and grime in the bathroom areas, and attachments to help with the pressure of elbow grease.


While we are not a distributor of norwex, we utilize the microfiber and the mop heads to clean floors and windows.

As you can tell a lot of our cleaning is hands-on. These detail brushes help with window sills, detail dusting, corners and creases.

The Shark Apex vacuum is our teams favorite tool. We love the lift away power of this vacuum and the easy reach that it gives us in dusting.

When it comes to dusting and streak free cleaning, you wont find us using many scrubbing pads. Instead we utilize microfiber for its dusting capabilities and durability through multiple washes.

We believe that cleaning can be simple, it doesn't have to break the bank and it doesn't have to break your back either. There are many ways that you can clean non-toxic and leave your home truly clean.

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