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What's Wrong with Bleach

When you think of bleach do you think of drinking it?

Absolutely not. However; that was it's originally purpose.

Bleach was first used in New York City's Croton Reservoir in 1895 to sanitize drinking water.

For many years bleach has been deemed a strong and effective disinfectant that we use to sterilize medical devices, clean contact surfaces, and remedy toxic spills. The active ingredient in bleach is called sodium hypochlorite. This ingredient makes bleach effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

While bleach is not labeled as a carcinogen, studies show that long-term exposure can increase your risk of cancer. Bleach also reacts with with biological tissues causing red blood cells to rupture. This prevents your red blood cells from carrying oxygen to other parts of your body. You may notice that when you use bleach you struggle to take a deep breath, maybe you feel a stinging in your nose and eyes, lightheadedness, the need to cough, etc., All of these are signs that you should not be interacting with bleach, prolonged exposure can exacerbate these symptoms and further your chemical reaction.

It is also a corrosive substance (particularly to metal surfaces) if it's not adequately diluted with water it can be detrimental to the surface. If bleached is not rinsed off of the surface it is applied to it continues to emit fumes. These fumes make you and your children more likely to suffer from respiratory illness'. Our stance at Goodman Holistic Cleaning is that if the products you are using are toxic then the object they're used on is not truly "clean". Dirty cleaning is just that- dirty.

So what do we use to replace the chemicals of all chemicals?!

That's not so hard to do:

  1. Baking Soda

  2. Vinegar

  3. Lemons

  4. Castile Soap

  5. Hydrosol Silver

Using any of the above ingredients will give you the same result in anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-virus protection. When you mix them all together you don't just get a great smelling cleaner, you get a superior cleaning agent. For clothes with pesky stains setting it out in the sunshine will actually lift staining, it is referred to as "sun-bleaching".

Keep It Clean!

-Goodman Holistic Cleaning

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